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Shooting range-PIT Shooting

PIT Shooting

Progressive Intelligent Target System is a unique Czech product. It is the first modular expandable aerial system on the market.
This unconventional system was developed for a progressive training in shooting in order to eliminate stereotype and to make the shooting as a hobby more attractive.
The PIT Shooting System is cordless, wirelessly controlled, with a high variability of ballistic tasks. It provides tasks-programming (for training or competition) in advance by the means of PC, operating the target by the shooters themselves on the firing line or operating the target system in a real time by the shooting supervisor.
Modular expandability of the PIT Shooting System enables planning the long-term successive investments into the development of your shooting-range. We can guarantee you a long compatibility of the delivered system with supplemental modules and a further development of the new expandable components of the system. Modules of the PIT Shooting Target System can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.
In order to designate the most suitable way of assembling the PIT shooting-range we offer you a creation of 3D model of the shooting-range area including the positioning of the target systems.
High modularity of the PIT Shooting system enables offering the above standard service that is defined within the individual service contract.
Special training of the operating personnel of the shooting-range is included in the delivery of the PIT Shooting target system. Moreover, in order to programme more complex sequences of ballistic tasks and for advanced operating of the system we offer you to participate in the extensional trainings.

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