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Rotating Testing Table


Testing table with a rotating breadboard is designed for continuous rotation or angle positioning in the horizontal or vertical plane.

Rotating table is suitable for testing and calibration of gyroscopes, accelerometres, inertial reference units, inclinometers etc.
The tested device can be mounted on the solid aluminium rotating breadboard with a pattern of metric-threaded holes.

System provides unique possibility of galvanical interconnection of power, measuring and communication circuits between the tested devices mounted on the surface of the breadboard and the stationary devices outside the table.

Complete system is equipped with PC communication adapter for control and data acquisition, USB flash-drive with basic edition of the software. SW is available for the setup of angle position or rotating speed and for simple moving sequence programing.

In addition there is possibility of customized design of measuring and communication circuits, software for control, data acquision and visualisation of testing tasks and subsequent data evalution.


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