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Mobile Device For Tensile Tests of Samles


TENS  is mobile, high precise device for tensile tests of samples that has been developed for testing the biological tissues. It is characterized by a unique construction adjusted for measuring small forces with regard to ensuring the resistance of sensitive measuring elements against damage. The device is suitable for testing different types of materials in laboratories; however, thanks to the low weight and equipment for an easy transport, it can be also used for tensile tests outdoors. Thanks to the reasonable price it is also used for education.

The device is usually delivered with a laptop connected either through USB or RS-232 interface. The delivery includes software for graphic displaying of the test sequences, data recording and re-displaying the earlier saved data. A durable transport box with wheels serves for secure storage and easy transport.

An additional module for video-recording can be delivered as an optional accessory. Individual requirements of the customer can be dealt with by the means of changing the force sensor, adjusting the drive part, choosing the suitable bits for fixing the sample and developing the software according to the requirements.

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