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Inteligent Servo Drives

IS DRIVE - Intelligent Servo Drive

Intelligent Servo Drives of IS DRIVE series offer reasonably priced innovative technologies from the field of industrial automation. IS DRIVE presents a compact unit including a DC motor with a gearbox supplemented with an intelligent motor power stage, absolute rotary position sensor of output shaft with a high resolution and an optional communication interface (CAN, RS-485 or RS-232).

IS DRIVE enable an effective building of distributed systems with electronic drives and are suitable especially for positioning in the area of robotics, automation and for educational purposes.

Standard production includes the selection from several types of drives, output shafts, possibilities of sealing etc. Moreover we offer custom solutions according to their individual requirements including the design and the production of a construction solution for gripping into the destination application.

In order to be provided with a complex solution we recommend completing the system by our communication converter with a test programme for PC and with SW data library for production of own applications.

- brushed DC motor with a worm gear (12 VDC event. 24 VDC)
- possibility to choose the drive with maximal output rotation speed from 20 to 540 RPM and consequently nominal torque from 4 to 0.5 Nm

- support bearings for the output shaft and optional shaft modification
- flange mounting (standard flange dimensions)

- intelligent motor power stage with a motor drive protection
- absolute rotary position sensor of output shaft with resolution up to 0,1 of an angular degree
- three-way galvanic separated control unit with optional standard CAN, RS-485 or RS-232

Application field

  • Robotics
  • Automatization
  • Education
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Intelligent houses
  • Hobby & Do-It-Yourself
  • Prototype design
  • Aeronautics

Inteligent Servo Drive

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