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Inertial Unit


IMUCAN module is digital inteligent motion sensor.
It includes a triaxial gyroscope and accelerometer based on MEMS technology.
Embedded microprocessor solves set of tasks as digital data preprocessing and communication over the galvanically isolated CAN interface.

INSCAN module is a digital signal processing engine for distributed strapdown computing.It primarily receives data over the CAN bus from IMUCAN (3D angular speed,3D acceleration). Optional data input over CAN bus from air data computer, sensor of 3D intesity of magnetic field and GPS receiver is supported.

INSCAN works as a producer of strapdown data (pitch, roll, heading, etc.). It is possible to use embedded CAN Network Management and RS232 connection gateway for easy in system integration.

  • Avionics
  • Motion control and analysis in robotics, transportation
  • Support of navigation
  • Stabilization
  • Vibrodiagnostics

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