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Antivibration table ENVIST


ENVIST OLYMEXT - new view of laboratory tables' ergonomics

The new conception of antivibration table ENVIST OLYMEXT uses division of the desk into two parts - a stabilised area under the microscope and a solid desktop. This enables an optimal connection of requirements for maximal stability of the microscope with comfort of the user.

In order to assure very exact measurements, the stabilized part of the desk is isolated from the vibration not only from the subsurface (floor of the laboratory) but also from the desktop.
Vibrations are isolated by two systems (independent from each other). In the lower part of the table (adjustable legs) we use vibration absorber (ABS feet 701). Direct contact between the stabilised plate and steel construction of the table is ensured by hydro pneumatic vibration absorber IZOLAT 04/01.

Controlling electronics of the table enables an automatic adjustment of the desktop of the stabilised plate and its concurrent check. Gas pressure control of the central air tank and the control of pressure in hydro pneumatic vibration absorbers are of course part of the equipment. Electronic system evaluates fault conditions such as pressure release in pneumatic network, change of work position of the stabilised plate etc.

Antivibration Table Envist

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