Shooting range-PIT Shooting
Shooting range-PIT Shooting
Progressive Intelligent Target System is a unique Czech product. It is the first modular expandable aerial system on the market. For more information, click HERE.

About us

Designing office

Designing office - company OPROX, Inc. was established in 1996 as a construction and prototype office dealing mainly with custom-made engineering service, construction drawings, development and providing of machine prototype production (in a cooperative way) and devices for all branches of industry. Our construction office also does construction plans for a broad spectrum of customers. We are able to work not only in our company domicile that provides us with enough space for these activities, but also at designated places chosen by our customers. The company also deals with development, production and delivery of different types of technological aids and components connected with automation of industrial production, including drive concepts. The construction office is equipped with CAD stations with Autodesk Inventor software which enables 3D construction on the basis of 2D documentation and also print of the production documentation.

  •   graphic and drawing work
  • preparation and development of technical plans
  • technical consultants in the mechanical engineering, optics, electronics and electro technology sphere
  • research and development in biological and technical science
  • testing, measuring and analysis
  • construction drawings with development and providing of production
  • elaborating of production documentation

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